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If you’re wondering, where is cryptocurrency accepted, rest assured that your coins are more than just an investment; they are an actual currency. There are now merchants that accept Ethereum, many ways to shop with Bitcoin, and even cryptocurrency products and companies just for alt coin purchases.

What Can You Use Cryptocurrency For?

Go on Vacation

Reward yourself with a trip to the moon as Virgin Galactic (Richard Branson’s Virgin Franchise) now accepts Bitcoin. Even commercial-booking giant Expedia among other European hotels and travel companies have jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon.

Buy a Car or Home

You can now purchase a flat in London because RE/MAX London, one the largest real estate companies, has begun to use GoCoin as a finance option. To complement your new home, there have been many rumors of independent car dealerships accepting Bitcoin. However, this website is more inspiring as it plans to create an online hub just for crypto-car purchases.

Go Out To Eat

Restaurants all over the world are utilizing cryptocurrencies when the check comes, even chains like Subway. There’s search engines just to see if your favorite pizza delivery service accepts one of the 50 crypto coins used to order at Pizzaforcoins.

Shop Online

Buying electronics, clothing, and other commodities online has never been easier now that retailers like, Victoria’s Secret, Sears, and Zappos have begun to accept crypto payments. Electronics stores like Newegg, Tigerdirect, Rakutan, and Alza cater to cryptocurrency online shopping all over the world.

Go Grocery Shopping

Using the versatile website egifter, one of your many options is to purchase Whole Foods and Target Gift cards. That’s right, you can buy basic grocery essentials using your alt coins.

Donate Your Bitcoin

Humanitarian foundations like Save the Children, Common Collection, and The Water Project support crypto donations through fundraising hosts similar to Bitgive. The State Republican Party and The Libertarian Party use Bitcoin contributions.  And of course, technology and hacker groups like The Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Internet Archive, The Pirate Bay and Wikileaks all accept Bitcoin gifts.

Find a Date

Cryptocurrency specific dating sites are starting to pop up like Bitcoin dating. And even well-known match-makers like OkCupid are beginning to offer premier packages using crypto coins.

Get an Education

In Europe especially, colleges have begun to offer tuition payment options using Bitcoin. King’s College in New York is the first U.S. school to use the Bitcoin option. While other major universities are testing the system in their bookstores like MIT Coop Store and SFU bookstore.

Start a Business

The largest sector of cryptocurrency payment acceptance is in the e-commerce business. From buying and setting up sites with Namecheap and WordPress to creating a POS system with NCR Silver, PayPal, Stripe, and Square, starting your online business with alt coins couldn’t be easier. You can even offer cryptocurrency payments in your store with Shopify and eBay.

Entertain Yourself

Finally, you can treat yourself to a movie using MovieTickets online purchasing, buy a news paper from the Suntimes in Chicago, or even see your favorite sports teams like the Sacramento Kings, San Jose Earthquakes, or any of the California NBA teams. Also, purchase your tech from Microsoft or your games from Zynga.


Check out for a large crypto-store directory.

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