We have several options to choose from to advertise with us. Our ads target visitors that are interested in buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency, so your company gets noticed by novices and beginners. We accept Bitcoin and other altcoins as payment for all of our advertisements. You can choose from our packages below or contact us at for a custom offer. Please email us your details to purchase one of the packages below.

Types of Ads to Purchases

Size Location Duration Price
728 x 90 Header (Homepage) 30 days $99
250 x 250 Page Sidebar and home page 30 days $99
728 x 90 Footer 30 days sold out
728 x 90 Above article 30 days $99
728 x 90 Below article 30 days $99

Press Releases

If you would like to submit a press release for up to 500 words, we charge $125 and an extra $50 if you need content written by us. Additional words are $10 per 100 words. Press releases will be shared on our homepage and throughout our social media channels.

Sponsored Articles

Featured articles up to 1,000 words cost $300 and an extra $100 if you would like to use our writing service. Additional words will cost $10 per 100 words. We will also share features on our home page and categories page as well as throughout social media.

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