Bitcoin breaks the $20k after nearly 5 months above $10,000, making it the all-time high in BTC in history. 

This bull-run comes at a pinnacle point in cryptocurrency when adoption is at its highest. Good news, financial backing, and mainstream implementation has led to this day.

And the even bigger news is that the Bitcoin price surge doesn’t seem to be stopping. 

This is a sign that times have changed from the 2017 bull run that had BTC nearly reaching $18k. The main difference being large companies and banks investing in BTC and crypto in general.

Tech giants, like Square that donated $10 million to make Bitcoin mining more green and effective, are investing and partnering to make crypto more accessible to the public.  And then there’s Microstrategy with over $650 million in BTC bought in the last few weeks, as well as MassMutual investing $100 million.

The finance industry has also boosted the crypto market by implementing blockchain technology, stable coins, and even Bitcoin wallets into their banking systems. 

As more of the corporate and finance world embrace Bitcoin and blockchain the more the perception of the digital currency has also changed. Bitcoin is now being viewed as an asset of value similar to gold. This is especially true as a cashless society becomes a topic of discussion and as we turn toward a new age of digital finance. 

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