Ethereum is a top 10 cryptocurrency for 2021, in fact, it has the highest market cap other than bitcoin. It might have your asking “should I buy ethereum?”

Well, if you have been following its recent price surge, reaching all-time highs since 2018 then you answer should be “yes!”

Right now is the perfect time to buy ETH as the blockchain technology behind the coin and its applications like DeFi using smart contracts is becoming more popular.

Read on to find out how to buy ethereum so you don’t miss out on a promising venture. 

Instructions on How to Buy Ethereum

There are several places and methods to buy ETH, which depend on your location, payment method, and overall preference. 

Let’s start with where to buy ethereum. 

Buying ETH by Country

You will need to find a cryptocurrency exchange or platform that allows users from your country of origin. Many crypto exchanges aren’t allowed to register certain nationalities due to governmental regulations and restrictions. 

Here is a list of several exchanges to consider based on your region (not all parts of the region may follow these rules.) Also, check our guide to the best cryptocurrency exchanges to see if your country is accepted. 

Coinbase Binance Bitstamp Wazirx Luno
North America X X (using .us) X
Asia  X (just Singapore) X X X X
Europe X X X X X
Africa X  X X
Middle East X X
South America X X
Australia X X X X X

Once you choose your crypto exchange then it’s time to make an account. Let’s use Binance as an example since it is used in most countries. 

Buying Ethereum on Binance

There are several ways to buy ethereum on Binance including:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Bank Account
  • P2P
  • Third-party (Pasox)

We will use a credit card purchase as an example.

How to Buy Ethereum with Credit Card

First, make an account with Binance if you haven’t all ready. You will also need to submit a KYC (know your customer) verification and wait for approval (this may take some time). Verifying your identity will allow you more deposit and withdrawal options.

  1. Sign up with Binance by clicking register (skip to step 3 if you have an account).

2. Use your email or phone number to create an account.

3. Log in to your Binance account once your KYC is approved.

4. Choose buy with “Credit/Debit Card” from the drop-down menu “Buy Crypto.” 

5. Choose Ethereum (ETH) from the “coin” drop-down menu in the “Buy Crypto” box

6. Choose your purchasing currency (USD etc.) from the menu next to the buy amount.

7. Enter the amount of ETH to purchase.

8. Add your credit card information, if you haven’t already.

8. Click “Buy ETH”

Paying by credit card is one of the fastest and easiest ways to buy ETH on Binance.

Other Ways to buy ETH

If you don’t want to use a cryptocurrency exchange there are several other ways you can buy ethereum. For example, you can buy ethereum on PayPal and using a crypto wallet like Trust Wallet. 

You can further explore where to buy ETH at 

Investing in the Future of Cryptocurrency with Ethereum

Learning how to buy ethereum is your first step toward making a long-term investment. This is because ethereum is an innovative crypto that has the ability to integrate with multiple services, from P2P to Banking. Its network also allows for innovations (Dapps) in finance (DeFi).

Next, on your list is to secure your coins in finding the best wallets for ethereum. 

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