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Find out the newest alt coins to hit the cryptocurrency market. Get updates on policy changes for alt coins and stay ahead of the alt coin market.

Dash Meetup

Earn Dash Digital Cash – Host a Local Meetup

You may know Dash Digital Cash as one of the only cryptocurrencies that offers instant and virtually free transactions, but what you may not know is that it thrives off community engagement. One of...
Dash Coin

Dash- Removing Global Barriers

What does money as a service mean? Instead of just a currency that buys you items that equal its value, a currency that provides a service is priceless, limitless, and enduring. For Dash, this...
cryptocurrencies to watch

Innovative Cryptocurrencies to Watch

What makes a blockchain succeed? If we look at why cryptocurrency has gained its popularity since the advent of Bitcoin in 2008, we see that it is all about innovation. The vision of an...
Coin vs. token

Monero Cryptocurrency Starter Guide

Cryptocurrency investment is filled with confusion and yet full of excitement. Choosing which coins to buy, figuring out how to mine coins, and deciding how to trade and sell them requires initial research if...

How to Mine Crypto Coins on Mobile Phone

In today’s time everyone has at least one phone for themselves and almost every part of the world is connected now through a mobile network. You might as well utilize the convenience and power...
Pac Coin

From PACcoin to $PAC: The Future of the Community-based Coin

For high-coin holders, PAC has already begun to allow redemption of the newest version of their community-driven coin: $PAC. A fork has been implemented to enhance their algorithm that was originally released in 2014...

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Bitcoin Lightning Network- Revolutionized Universal, Instant Transactions

The roadblocks stopping Bitcoin from becoming a world-wide, retail currency can be solved through instant, off-blockchain transactions produced through Lightning Network’s coding. By altering...