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Read features about cryptocurrency trends and get expert tips and advice on how to buy, sell, and trade alt coins. Find out which companies are using Bitcoin and other alt coins.

high times

High Times Breaks New Ground With A Crypto IPO

Remember the days when cannabis culture was so underground that you had to hide your High Times magazines under your bed? Today, pot is not only legal in some form across 29 states, it...
cryptocurrency news

3 Positive Things Happening in Cryptocurrency Despite Market Drop

Many critics of the cryptocurrency market claim that this past week’s drop in Bitcoin price and altcoins is proof that the cryptocurrency bubble is about to burst. Others see this as just a fluctuating...
cannabis cryptocurrency

Solving the Cannabis Cash-only Conundrum with Dash

Alt Thirty Six, a project funded by the Dash Digital Cash treasury, is making headway in the cannabis industry with its new partner, CannTrade. This online organization connects over 400 cannabis retailers to a...

New Bittrex Altcoin Swapping to Boost Crypto Market

One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, Bittrex, plans to become the most versatile altcoin trader. Cryptocurrency trading platforms typically only allow the conversion of USD into bitcoin before it can then be traded for...
Indian Cryptocurrency

India’s Cryptocurrency Stance Delayed by Supreme Court Verdict

The use of cryptocurrency in India continues its struggle between the control of black market transactions and the potential that virtual currency (VC) as an economic catalyst. The currency battle rests in the hands of...
HTC Blockchain Smartphone

Hidden Potential of the HTC Blockchain Smartphone

Smartphones changed the way we communicate online. Now HTC wants to take the capabilities of the mobile phone a step further by combining it with blockchain technology. The DCO (decentralized chief officer), Phil Chen, spoke...

Facebook Flipflops on Cryptocurrency

After its initial ban of cryptocurrencies and ICO ads this past January, Facebook now gathers a team of blockchain professionals to possibly create their own virtual currency. According to Facebook representatives, the removal of crypto...

Siberian Diamonds: Testing Tokenization of Natural Resources

A new trend is emerging that capitalizes on our natural resources called tokenization of assets. This combines real-world investments of raw and living material, like gold, oil, livestock, and now Siberian diamonds, with the...
ICO Regulatioons

Is the SEC Responsible for Failed ICOs?

The structure of ICOs (initial coin offerings) has many faults, from scammers to incompetent economic models, but what it doesn’t lack is money and support. So, what makes a legitimate, well-planned, and fully funded...

Mining for Charity- The Future of Fundraising

Nonprofits survive off the generosity of their donors, so it is vital for them to find new, creative, and high-tech ways to fundraise.  What is more innovative and convenient then using cryptocurrency? Many charities...

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Bitcoin Lightning Network- Revolutionized Universal, Instant Transactions

The roadblocks stopping Bitcoin from becoming a world-wide, retail currency can be solved through instant, off-blockchain transactions produced through Lightning Network’s coding. By altering...