Ready for some Spark this holiday season? Well, if you hold XRP in your Coinbase wallet then you are about to get some for free. 

What seems like an effort to give the Ripple market a boost (and it’s working), Coinbase is supporting the Spark Token airdrop coming on December 12th. 

The amount of spark depends on the number of XRP in your Coinbase account as of midnight on the 12th. However, the airdrop levels have yet to be announced. 

After the snapshot, tokens will be sent to your Coinbase wallet once the Flare Network is launched. 

The Flare Network is a utility fork of XRP that aims to act similar to the Ethereum network of tokenized projects using smart contracts. It will use the XRP ledger to host the network, creating a safe, scalable solution for unused tokens. 

“75% of the value that exists in public blockchain cannot currently be used in a trustless manner with smart contracts,” Flare writes as the number one issue the network plans to solve. 

XRP reacted to the coming airdrop as it nows sits at a comfortable .61 cents after falling to a low of .24 cents in the past few weeks. 

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