You may know Dash Digital Cash as one of the only cryptocurrency’s that offers instant and virtually free transactions, but what you may not know is that it thrives off community engagement. One of the initiatives that makes Dash so widespread is its local meetup program. Anyone who wants to earn Dash can host meetups to inform their peers about the benefits of the altcoin, help them set up Dash wallets, and generate excitement about the future of cryptocurrency.

These meetups are funded by the Dash treasury set aside using a portion of mining profits. It was created to supplement smaller promotional events that do not need to be approved by their proposal system.

There are 3 ways to become a meetup host and start earning Dash.

Basic meetings

Host a monthly meeting for yourself and at least 4 people to earn .25 Dash. There is a bonus if you have more than 4 people. And if you get more than 15 people to attend, you will earn .5 Dash.

Conditions are that you host the meeting and assist with Dash wallet set up of the first 15 people by giving them $10 in Dash. Take pictures of at least 4 people with their Dash wallets and upload them to the Dash Forum. Also, share the link from or Facebook showing the time, date, and location of your meetup as well as a short description.

Social/wildcard meetings

If you hold a successful meeting with 15-40 people in attendance, then you can earn up to 1 Dash. It is recommended that you give away no more than $5 in Dash per person.

Post group or individual pictures of wallet sign ups and screenshots of transactions. Also, share any links to where you posted your event via or Facebook all on the Dash Forum.

Advanced meetings

Large meetings of 40-60+ people should first be confirmed with the Dash team as it could qualify for full funding for up to 2 Dash each month you host a meeting. You will need at least 5 people not including yourself to attend and find a business to accept Dash. This business will be the location for your meeting.

You will need to submit meet ups times, locations, dates, and descriptions to the Dash Forum prior to the meeting. Screenshots and photos of wallet setups showing $10 transaction confirmations should also be shared. Finally, take a group photo showing the number of attendees. They should also display their mobile wallets in hand.

How to set up a meeting

It is easy to start a meeting and promote it online. charges a monthly subscription fee, but it also helps promote your event. It is free to create an event on Facebook.  But, to boost your event it will cost you depending on your duration and desired reach. The Dash forum can also be useful for sharing your progress and to get tips to have a productive event.

Resources provided

Dash provides you with materials that you can utilize for your meet up including posters, flyers, business cards, stationery and a Dash PowerPoint presentation. Materials are downloadable in 5 different languages. You will also find useful information on their website like legal information based on your country, instructions on how to download a Dash wallet, and how to buy and use Dash as payment.

Earning your Dash

There are monthly contests with new bonuses and requirements, so be sure to check the latest updates on the Dash Forum here. All requirements must be met in order to receive Dash rewards. After rewards are announced, you will need to provide your Dash wallet ID to get paid.

Dash meet ups connect local communities while igniting awareness of cryptocurrency’s potential as a global currency. It is an innovative way to get new Dash users set up with wallets and learn how to make altcoin transactions. Plus, it pays users forward by rewarding them for recruiting new Dash holders and ultimately increasing the value of Dash.

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