The cryptocurrency market is a fluctuating behemoth of highs and lows that it would take a sophisticated machine to tame it, learn from it, and make a significant gain from it. The Gunbot software created by the Crypto Bot, takes the guess work and luck out of crypto investing by allowing you to trade, buy, and sell coins in your sleep. It uses automated trading strategies to track your digital currency and make smart trading moves to get the most profit.

How Does Gunbot Work?

It uses your cryptocurrency exchange API address to monitor altcoin activity. Then 32 strategy combinations using a range of parameters and criteria to track the market’s momentum help you set up profitable scenarios. Once the initial set up is conducted the automated crypto trading software takes action, buying and selling using strategies like:

Bollinger Band: set a certain percentage to buy and sell at relative market highs and lows.

Emotionless: a preset strategy for novice users who just want to set period lengths and minimum gain amounts for selling.

Gain: set a specific percentage to buy at the lowest price and sell at a certain point above your original buying price.

Ichimoku: an algorithm that finds the best entry and exit points for trading.

PingPong: a set price is used to buy and sell predictable cryptocurrency pairs.

Stepgain: tracks the market and buys or sells once a trend is reversed.

Trailing stop/stop limit: set a price range to track the optimal points for buying and selling before the trend reverses.

Custom (in beta version): advanced set up with custom parameters and a combination of strategies.

How to get Gunbot?

A one-time-purchase fee will get you a lifetime license to use Gunbot with several options to use single, multiply, or all exchange markets. You can use your own computer to run the software or purchase a VPS to keep your account private and secure. The program works on Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems. Simply download and unpack the zip file, sync your crypto exchanges, add coin paring like BTC-DOGE, and review the configuration options.

How do you use Gunbot?

To get the most out of the software, read their wiki to understand the new features, the best strategies, and effective coin pairings. The wiki describes in detail how each trading approach works in order to optimize the volatile market. It also discusses important features like reversal trading that allows you to profit from falling coin prices. Learn how to manipulate strategies with short codes such as trading fee considerations, period settings, combination techniques, and override commands.

Where can you use Gunbot?

The software can be configured to the following exchanges:

  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Bitfinex
  • CEX
  • Cryptopia
  • GDAX
  • Kraken
  • Poloniex

It can also be linked to Telegram to get notifications of bot activity and to connect to community support.

Why use Gunbot?

It can be an extremely helpful tool for experienced crypto-traders. The strategies implemented in the program go beyond what anyone could do manually. So, it provides valuable insight into how complex the market can be. Novice traders can also learn a lot from this system if they put in the work. Either way, anyone who devotes time into understanding the parameters and capabilities of the software can make a decent profit.

Disclaimer – Coin Colony does not advise crypto trading without proper research.


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