Tron is one of the top 15 cryptocurrencies out there and is very popular among crypto due to its fast and cheap transaction cost. Keeping your Tron in a wallet is the safest and most convient option. Learn how to create a TronLink wallet in Chrome or Brave browser to easily access and send your Tron securley in this tutorial.

Tronlink can be used to interact with dApps and Smart Contracts directly from your browser. It works like any browser extension that you login into and open using your main toolbar.

Like with anything online, always be careful to download TronLink from legit sources as there are many fake wallets circulating in the Chrome Store. Fraudulent software can steal your funds once you enter your private key.

Here’s how to find the right download link and properly install TronLink to your computer.

1. Downloading TronLink

Lets download Tronlink from the Chrome Store: Click here

2. Creating a TronLink Account

Now click on TronLink icon. It will ask you to create an account name. Choose whichever name you’d like and is easy to remember. You will only need to fullfil a few simple requirments: it needs to be atleast 4 characters long, it must only use alphanumeric characters and/or spaces, and it needs to be a unique name not used by any of your other accounts.




3. Protecting Your TronLink Account

You will now see your mnemonic phrase after creating your wallet name. Write down your mnemonic phrase in a safe, dry place and never keep a digital copy of your wallet backup code anywhere on your phone or computer.

You need only this phrase to restore your account if you delete TronLink from your computer or want to sign in on another device. Otherwise, your password is sufficient for daily loggin in. 

You can also use a Ledger Hardware Wallet to secure your private keys offline.

Once you click on continue, enter your mnemonic phrase again to verify that you have the correct phrases.


Use Your TronLink Account

Congrats! Your TronLink wallet is ready to be used with dApps and interact with Smart Contracts. Deposit Tron or USDT in your wallet by obtaining the deposit address and enjoy playing around with decentralized apps.

Let us know about your experieance with setting up TronLink wallet.

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