Offering users a chance to capitalize on their cryptocurrency stash, Lindacoin provides a multi-functioning web wallet to stake coins and create innovative token apparatuses.

New and Improved Web Wallet

Lindacoin is on the rise with a new web wallet and companion wallet app that includes all of the desktop features that Linda holders praise.

Masternodes will continue to provide fast, reliable validation using a combination of PoS (proof of stake) and PoW (proof of work) algorithms. Staking on the web wallet provides miners an easy way to set up a wallet and gain rewards with a 70% staking incentive and 99% APR. The more Linda owned by a node, the more validation power they hold and the more coins they can earn.

Stacking on the web also permits more nodes to be active as they will always be connected to the network to approve transactions faster. It also reduces the amount of CPU and RAM since nodes do not have to use their server to mine. This increases the amount of possible masternodes as more miners reach the threshold of 2 million Linda with the option of having multiple masternodes per person. Working as a masternode is even easier with a TurnKey system that is already set up for anyone to become a masternode without any technical experience.

Wallet App

Payment options using Linda will be portable with the new wallet app that will be released on June 30th along with the improved online wallet. This makes Linda versatile for practical usage like making real-world purchases. Plus, it allows users to check their staking rewards while away from their computers.

Linda has partnered with Reddcoin, Shard, and Social Send, which means they can also be staked using the mobile app.

The app will be available on Android and iOS.

Linda X Partnership with Pro Battle League

Inside the Linda network exists a vast potential to partner and expand with other altcoins and aid in the creation of blockchain-based tokens. Linda X provides a space for businesses to develop DAPPS using smart contracts to implement a trading platform for in-network currencies.

Most recently, Linda X has been utilized by the esports game Pro Battle League to develop a revolutionary way for gamers to compete online while earning real currency. This is a whole new level of player and fan interaction as teams can be built and bet on using the gaming token Battle7oken.

Smart contracts from the Linda X platform help securely and instantly complete wagers and reward players automatically and fairly on a decentralized network. This means no fees and no third party taking part of the earnings.

The team aspect of the token engages fans further into the game by giving them tools to create a community-based franchise. Teams can brand themselves, create escrow accounts to distribute tokens, and find local sponsorships.

Linda X not only aids in the creation of Battle7oken, it also assists with developing, marketing, and implementing it into the Linda mobile wallet app. The token benefits from Linda’s features like staking of tokens for rewards including masternode contributions, tipping across regions, and creating staking pools for team development and management.

The automatic decentralization and artificial intelligence probability technology used by the Battke7oken shows the autonomous possibility of Linda’s token development platform. It makes the user experience both interactive and seamlessly easy to manage and participate. This ease of use ensures the mass adaptation of tokenization to connect and reward communities.


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