The 10th version of Gunbot has been released that includes an assortment of important upgrades and corrected bugs.  From new strategies to an improved interface, the automated trading software allows for faster and more efficient ways to stay ahead of the cryptocurrency market. They have also completely revised their wiki to explain all of the new features in detail. Here are few of the major changes made in version 10 that are worth mentioning.

You can view our introductory article about Gunbot automated trading here.

New and Improved Strategies

One of Gunbot’s most popular strategies, reversal trading, which allows users to profit from falling crypto prices after buying them, has been enhanced. It now repeats the process multiple times, which allows you to keep gaining coins as the price drops, increasing your profit margin when the price rises.

Strategies are more flexible: combine any strategy even customized tactics, create individual period settings per indicator, and disable or enable pairs without deleting them from your configuration.

Plus, five new strategies have been added including:

  • Average Directional Index– the trending indicator buys when the price trend is going up and sells when the price trend begins to drop.
  • Average True Range Trailing Stop- lower and upper limits are set to create buying and selling markers when the market becomes volatile.
  • Bollinger Band (TA)- set buy and sell percentages based a Bollinger band high and low prices (improved using technical analysis to wait until the price moves out of the range then back in before buying or selling).
  • EMA spread- using a spread that calculates exponential moving averages (speed of price fluctuation), buy orders are placed when prices rise and sell orders occur when prices drop.
  • Time series analysis- combined with xtrend and smacross strategies, Gunbot predicts the price at the ending price of next period. Buy orders are placed if the ask price goes below the predicted price and sell orders are placed when bid prices go above the predicted price.

Three strategies previously in beta version are also available:

  • MACD- detects momentum of change in the market based on a calculation of average indicators called the signal line.
  • MACDH- similar to MACD, this strategy uses a histogram to predict crossovers in the signal line used in MACD.
  • SMA Cross- the simple moving average detects the crossover of slow and fast SMA. Gunbot buys when prices go up and sells when prices drop indicated by SMA.

User Friendly Updates

The dashboard on Gunbot has been redesigned to provide an easier set up and to help manage installation, pairings, logging records, and statistics. It also includes a portfolio overview and a manual trading option with detailed charts to view market trends and trading histories. A two-factor authentication keeps your account secure and configuration updates gives you more control over your trades.

Telegram integration tools now offer test notification messaging to ensure your alerts are working properly. Control your trades using Telegram’s confirmation feature to place orders remotely.

Trading APIS are now available on KuCoin exchange and coins can be easily migrated from GDAX to its new system on

And to top it off, hundreds of bugs, from lagging and timeout problems to ordering issues like low satoshi limitations have been fixed.

How to get Gunbot RT v10?

For those who already have version 9, Gunbot recommends that you do a complete reinstall to update the software properly. You can download the software according to your operating system. Gunbot is compactable with Windows, MAC, Linux, and ARM. If you are replacing version 9, then first copy the json files and save. There is a validation tool at to check for any configuration errors once the new version is installed.

Watch this video for the complete installation of Gunbot RT v10 here.

Disclaimer: Coin Colony does not encourage or promote trading using bots without proper research and knowledge.



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