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Cryptocurrencies are getting more popular day by day and adoption is also hapening fast. One of the newest trends with many big crypto gateways is providing plugins and tools to help businesses integrate crypto payments into their online store.

If you are running an e-commerce site and are wandering how you can accept crypto payments then you’ve come to the right place. In this article you will learn how to choose from the top cryptocurrency payment gateways.

Read more below about reliable crypto payment gateways and how to accept crypto payments on your e-commerce web site.

CoinBase Commerce

Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchanges in the US and several other countries. They have more than 35 million users as it offers a way for anybody with a bank account or debit/credit card to buy crypto easily.

In February 2018, they launched their own payment gateway to help crypto adoption and support merchants to accept crypto payments. If your shop is made with WordPress or Shopify then you can intergrate Coinbase Commerce with just a simple plugin. An API option is also available for more advance sites with custom codes.

Getting started is easy. Accept crypto within mintues of registration and pay no fees. The gateway also accepts stable coins like USD coin and DAI.


BitPay is well-established as one of the earliest payment gateway processors of crypto payments for big companies and merchants. You get three options to accept payment: email invoice through BitPay, online payment, or in-person charges using a smartphone or tablet.

To set up your checkout page, BitPay integrates with several plugins, shopping carts, and e-commerce platforms to match your web site’s design. They also provide buttons and two options for invoice display. Redirect customers to BitPay for a simple checkout or show statements within your site with a modal invoice.

The best feature of this gateway is that your customers can use their own BitPay card, wallet, or browser extension to pay for your products and services.

Then settle your payments using the automotive daily withdraw feature to either your bank or crypto wallet in 8 different currencies. You will have to pay 1% fee for every payment you receive through BitPay. But, it is well worth the higher fees to be protected from unwanted chargebacks or fraud when using the gateway.

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CoinPayments has been processing cryptocurrency payments for merchants since 2013. They support 1,995 cryptocurrency options to integrate in your online shop or business. Use all coins or select just one.

It also comes with cool features that help you build your checkout process. For example, a button design creator from basic shopping cart to donation, an invoice builder, and a POS site developer. The gateway is capatible with several shopping cart plugins for easy set up if you don’t want to start from scratch.

The fees are modest for transfers, payments, and deposits all at .5%. If you want to transfer your payments to an external wallet directly (bypassing the CoinPayments wallet) then the coin’s transaction fee is added to the .5%. Normal withdrawals from your wallet only includes the transaction fee.

There are an array of other options and features to explore with this gateway to personalize your business and checkout process. Plus, you can add your own cryptocurrency to increase it’s popularity.


Benefiting From Top Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

By including one of these top cryptocurrency payment gateways into your web site you will increase your customer base. More and more people prefer using secure crypto for online transactions as it is safer than traditional methods.

Add this option to your store easily by reading our article How to Setup Cryptocurrency Payment gateway in WordPress.

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