As his term comes to a close, President Trump is supposedly considering several pardons for individuals locked up for crimes against the U.S. One of them seems to be Silk Road online black market founder Ross Ulbricht. 

Ulbricht is currently serving two life-sentences in prison without parole for his creation and involvement in the anonymous platform that helped users buy and sell illegal paraphernalia like weapons and drugs. 

Reports from The Daily Beast say that Trump has become aware of Ulbricht’s case recently and several people involved claim the White House Counsel have the case’s documents under review. According to other sources close to Trump, the President also expressed his sympathies for Ulbricht. 

Silk Road was one of the first market places to implement Bitcoin into its platform as it kept transactions decentralized and user’s data private. Ulbricht used the user handle Dread Pirate Roberts as the admin of the site. 

After mistakes revealing his personal information like his email, Ulbricht was apprehended by several U.S. government agencies and charged with money laundering, drug sales, and computer fraud in 2015.

Trump hasn’t officially pardoned Ulbricht, however, backers of the pardon including several presidential advisors, criminal justice advocates, and even several celebrities may influence his final decision. 

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