Ubex extended its ICO deadline yesterday as the cryptomarket tries to recover from a plunge.

The highly anticipated Ubex token has raised their first goal of 24,000 ethereum just in time for their initial deadline of August 13th. However, due to the market reaching a yearly low, the CEO has announced an extension of September 30th in hopes to reach a new goal of 28,800 ether.

The extension benefits both investors and the token’s overall strength. Early investors will receive a 10% bonus if they bought tokens before the first deadline. And the value of the token and the blockchain will only increase as the market reverses.

According to the CEO Artem Chestnov, Ubex anticipates to release the tokens on exchanges when the market has bounced back giving it a strong start in the cryptocurrency market. He also plans to use the extra ethereum to ensure the completion of the project as the price of ethereum has dropped by half since the launch of the ICO.

The Ubex token has already been listed on coinmarketcap.com passing the 1 cent mark. It has also been approved by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, BitForex, to be listed once officially launched publically.

The technology behind the Ubex token has the potential to bring crypto to a $229 billion market of digital advertising while improving its effectiveness.

Instead of advertisers wasting money on marketing agencies, the Ubex blockchain uses artificial intelligence to develop a profile of ads based on the users experience and characteristics. This may sound invasive to the consumer, but it is already happening just not in a cost effective or reliable, secure manner.

By using smart contracts and pay-per-action advertising, click-bait scams and low-quality, irrelevant ads diminish. The users get affordable and meaning ads while advertisers save money and publishers make more profit.

Those websites and companies who offer the best ads and get the most action are rewarded with reputation points and special offers. Plus, Ubex tokens can be used as a currency for ad space purchases, making transactions instant and safe on the blockchain. This creates a trust between all parties as contracts provide security and high-quality ads makes happy consumers.


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