Home News Venezuelans Flock to Pizza Hut, Crypto in Hand

Venezuelans Flock to Pizza Hut, Crypto in Hand

Venezuelans Flock to Pizza Hut, Crypto in Hand

It’s Pizza Day in Venezuela. Some goods news for pizza lovers and supporters of cryptos. And let’s face it, some positive news for citizens still under U.S. sanctions in Venezuela. 

Since the introduction of the national crypto, the Petro, the Venezuelan government and its people have found hope in digital currency to find relief from import and export blockages. 

This trend increased on November 27th when the corporate giant, Pizza Hut, began accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Binance Exchange Token, Tether, Binance USD, and DAI. They also accept XPT, a token created by Crytobuyer, the crypto payment gateway partnering with Pizza Hut. 

As a Panama startup company, Cryptobuyer has been an advocate of digital currencies throughout Venezuela and Latin America, connecting merchants with more ways to offer their products to the public. They also initiated a vast network of Bitcoin ATMs in the country. 

Pizza Hut isn’t the only major chain now accepting crypto. Venezuela’s Burger Kings, Tamanaco and Intercontinental Hotels, Excelsior Gama grocers, and more are crypto-friendly. And don’t forget about Petro being used at all gas stations. 

CEO of Venezuela’s Pizza Hut, Richard Elkhouri, is excited to provide an answer to many citizen suggestions for “crypto pizza.”

“Thanks to our consumers, to the suggestions they offer us and to the direct contact we have with them, we have made alliances with Delivery, with large companies like Coca-Cola and today we are handling alliances with Cryptobuyer as a payment option for the customer, incorporating platforms and their technological advice,” says Elkhouri.

Crypto holders began flocking toward the pizza joint as soon as news broke, making use of the bull-market highs seen in the past weeks in the crypto market. 


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