Sneaker and NFT (non-fungible tokens) collectors had their dreams come true when digital art  and pair of sneakers were auctioned live on Twitch TV.

Some refer to them as “sneaker-heads”—people who acquire unique and expensive sneakers like these high tops called “The X Evolution” or “The X” for short. But, what makes these shoes even more sought after they most? They are also NFTs, meaning their virtual counterpart exists on the blockchain. 

The winner of the NFT kicks who goes by the handle ‘WhaleShark’ doesn’t necessarily call himself a sneaker head. Although when he searched for the worlds most expensive shoes, he couldn’t take his eyes off of ‘The X’ shoes with the potential to reach $50,000. 

“So when I noticed there was going to be an NFT edition, they were pulling at my heartstrings,” he said. “I would love to hang that up on a mural or digital screen in my office,” he told CoinDesk.

About the Sneakers

The shoe is indeed one-of-a-kind that was created by the Instagram sneaker studio RTFKT. 

And what made it truly unique is how it morphed live. During the auction, when a bidding threshold was met an added design like a splash of paint would appear on the shoe itself and the digital art work. 

A bid of 58 ETH would have completed the shoe’s “10th evolution” to reveal the final design. However, ‘WhaleShark’ closed the auction at 22 ETH, reaching the 6th “evolution” only. 

“The reason I was bidding was because I wanted to see how the design evolved,” WhaleShark said to CoinDesk.

A physical copy of the digital art plus an actual pair of sneakers will be mailed to the winner, in addition to control over the NFT on the blockchain. 

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